Why Isn’t Roblox Adding Support For XRP Payment? Roblox Debunks Fake News Report


Why Isn’t Roblox Adding Support For XRP Payment? Roblox Debunks Fake News Report

Following new developments, Roblox debunks inaccurate XRP payment support claims earlier today despite rapidly spreading rumors. The cryptocurrency space this week is seeing multiple fake news going about. Recently, Cointelegraph falsely announced that the SEC approved BlackRock’s Spot Bitcoin ETF. 

Why ETF Approval Will Become More Complicated Following Fake News Speculations

Why does such fake news spread like wildfire? Even big names in the industry posted false news. But a better question is, why isn’t Roblox adding support for XRP Payment? Find out in this news report. 

Roblox Debunks ‘Inaccurate’ XRP Payment Support Rumors

Several news outlets and even prominent crypto investors are sharing the rumor of Roblox adding support for XRP. With over 300,000 views by Scott Melker, a famous crypto investor, this tweet falsely ties Roblox to crypto. It also suggests a better “legal climate” for XRP.

However, earlier today, Roblox released information, denying support for XRP payment. It tells Decrypt in an email that any claim that gamers can purchase in-game items on Roblox with Ripple’s XRP token is ‘inaccurate’. In their words, “Unfortunately, we’ve seen quite a few articles on this, and the info is inaccurate.” 

Origin Of The False Rumor

The rumor dates back to Monday when payment processor BitPay stated in their now-deleted tweet that game players could use Ripple’s XRP token for Xsolla payments in supported games. BitPay had tagged Roblox and Smite in their statement as the free-to-play games. 

In their words: “Xsolla can now accept XRP with BitPay as a payment method for their games such as Smite and Roblox. You can use your favorite cryptocurrency to buy, play, and enjoy gaming like never before,”

Bill Zielke, BitPay’s CMO, revealed why the tweet was deleted. He said, “There was an error in the tweet. We will have more tweets about merchants accepting crypto shortly. Stay tuned.” 

Even though BitPay had taken down their tweet, rumors are already out to the public. The news was misinterpreted as Roblox ‘integrating’ XRP into its payment offerings. Furthermore, Roblox explains that claims, such as Roblox and BitPay partnership, are false.

Why Isn’t Roblox Adding Support For XRP Payment?

It’s important to mention that Xsolla is indeed one of Roblox’s payment providers. However, Roblox is yet to enable cryptocurrency payment offerings like Bitcoin or XRP. 

Xsolla is listed as a payment provider on Roblox’s website for credit card charges. This is after it provided a gift card solution for Roblox in 2020. On reaching the Rolox site, one will see that the only U.S. payment options include credit card, debit card. Others like Venmo, Klarna, gift card, PayPal, CVS Pharmacy payments, or a Paysafecard (prepaid cash card type).

Overall, the crypto industry should verify its news source before unleashing it to the public. This will only do more harm than good.

XRP Price Action Today

Despite the rumor, XRP continues its downtrend. Although it experienced a slight surge in the last seven days, it has dipped in the previous day and hour and is currently worth $0.4887. This year’s peak at over $0.8 makes investors curious if it will eventually be a good investment. 

Despite its downtrend, it is still the 5th crypto by market capitalization and 8th by market volume. It seemed to have experienced a bit of bullish action on Monday, possibly due to BitPay’s announcement.

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