Top 6 New Features On The New TrustWallet App And Website Brand


Top 6 New Features On The New TrustWallet App And Website Brand

It’s no longer news that TrustWallet just launched a new app and layout brand. The news was welcomed by both admirers and critics. Some are questioning what rebranding has to do with security and other important matters of a cryptocurrency wallet. However, TrustWallet sees this milestone as a massive one and calls it their biggest update yet. 

So, let’s take a look at what new updates and features are available in this new TrustWallet brand now open for public’s use. In the new TrustWallet brand, users should be ready to explore a more intuitive layout. Of course, with state-of-the-art features, and enhanced visual identity with plans to empower your Web3 journey.

The First Look Of TrustWallet’s New Brand

You’ll note that they’ve redesigned their brand, with a new eye-catching logo and eye-catching color scheme. But more than just appearances have changed. An updated version of the Trust Wallet browser extension and app is also up. This streamlines the user’s Web3 experience with an easier-to-use interface.

Source: Trust Wallet Blog

Furthermore, TrustWallet sees this as one of the biggest updates in their history. Also, a monumental step in their journey to offer a safer, more accessible Web3 experience. TrustWallet was created in 2017 with a simple and user-friendly design. Since then, they have successfully handled over 70 million downloads.

Our evolution mirrors your evolving needs and the shifting industry landscape. This update not only sets the stage for our long-term mission to empower ownership for everyone but also paves the way for a series of further product upgrades to come. While our aesthetics have changed and features improved, our underlying principles of security, self-empowerment, and user-friendliness remain firm.

Top 6 New Features Of The New TrustWallet’s Brand

It’s not just some rebranding, there are some notable changes and improvements coming with the new brand. Let’s get right into it and see these upgrades.

  • The New Trust Wallet in Action

The experience on TrustWallet is now different, with a fresh look, streamlined onboarding, and effortless navigation. Of course , these news features make it easy for wallet-switching and intuitive token management. Also, with a notable commitment to simplicity and accessibility. Now, users can explore new features effortlessly and navigate familiar ones with ease. Also, you’ll still find all the essential features that you’ve trusted remain intact.

  • Bolder and More Accessible Look

Furthermore, Trust Wallet’s new look includes a bolder shield logo and wordmark. Also, with eye-catching, AAA-compliant colors they call Trust Blue and Trust Green. These two are designed for visual accessibility, which accommodates both light and dark mode users. 

  • New Welcome Animation On The TrustWallet New Brand

Recall, the previous app has only static images, but now the Trust Wallet welcomes users with a captivating animation. Of course, this will bring about a vibrant and intuitive introduction to users’ Web3 journey. Which will make visitor’s first interaction with the app unforgettable and exciting.

  • Seamless Wallet Creation

Now, with the new Trust Wallet, there’s a more streamlined process to wallet creation. This is to further affirm their commitment to crease and build an open ecosystem that’s accessible to everyone. Now, this includes both experts and beginners alike.

TrustWallet New Updated Home Screen Brand

Notably, the home screen is essentially the ‘front door’ to everything the app has to offer. The team is reorganizing the home screen to make the visitor’s experience more intuitive. Also, it will make it easier to discover new features and access existing ones.

A Few Notable Improvements For The New TrustWallet Mobile App Brand

  • User-Centric Layout: Some other essential components such as the notification bell, settings, are now in the top left. The QR scanner is now strategically placed to better align with user’s usage patterns.
  • Smooth Wallet Switching: With the newly added wallet-switching feature, users now have seamless access to any of their wallets. Also, it further strengthens the entire revamp of the platform.
  • Quick-Copy Wallet Address Option: Now, this is another notable upgrade as they have now included a quick-copy option. Thereby, enabling hassle-free access to any of your wallet addresses.

Finally, there’s now access to manage diverse asset portfolios. It shouldn’t be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Also, this is why they introduced a new blockchain network filter, making it easier than ever to search for assets on specific blockchains. This makes asset management easier with one glance. Yes, Users now don’t need to scroll through a long list of tokens to find the ones they want anymore.

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