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President Of Madeira Has Revealed The Launch Of Bitcoin Business Hub


President Of Madeira Has Revealed The Launch Of Bitcoin Business Hub

In a recent unfolding event, the President of Madeira has revealed a massive groundbreaking milestone announcement at Bitcoin Amsterdam Day 2. This is during a discussion with the Prince Filip of Serbia in the event. 

It’s at this conference that the President of Madeira Miguel Albuquerque made the big announcement. Miguel, alongside Prince Filip of Serbia, confirms the launch of a Bitcoin business hub in the region.

President Of Madeira Announces The Creation Of A Bitcoin Hub

Undoubtedly, this is an exciting development and a show of statement to the region’s commitment to embracing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The Bitcoin Business Hub looks to become a thriving center for the development of technology and Bitcoin-related initiatives.

“Last night you showed me the picture of what will be the new Bitcoin business hub,” Prince Filip says.

Of course, with a focus on collaboration, partnerships, and technological advancement. According to the words of President Of Madeira, this started off as an idea from some dedicated individuals in Madeira. But now, it is remarkably growing into an open platform that welcomes all who wish to join the industry. 

“The association has been created to develop the development of technology and Bitcoin, and all the connections and partnerships you can have.” “It started with some guys in Madeira who work really hard, and it’s open to everyone who wants to collaborate.” President Albuquerque’s response to Prince Philip.

Bitcoin, A Technology Of The Future

Furthermore, Prince Filip of Serbia expresses his gladness and enthusiasm for President Madeira’s forward-thinking approach. As it’s visible in how the region is recognizing Bitcoin as a technology that holds unending promise for the future. In his words, calling it “a technology for the future” and an “open, secure protocol akin to the internet.” 

According to the President Of Madeira, “We’re changing our economic [base] for technological companies, high tech, artificial intelligence, and Bitcoin of course,” Progressively, He expresses belief in Bitcoin as he emphasizes that everything in connection with Bitcoin is welcome in Madeira.

“I Believe In Bitcoin”, President Of Madeira Says

Recall, this is not the first time that Madeira has gone pro-bitcoin. This announcement resonates from Madeira’s earlier commitment to becoming a Bitcoin-friendly region. In the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, it was revealed that Madeira would provide substantial tax benefits to Bitcoin investors. This is by exempting them from personal income taxes. 

“I believe in the future and I believe in Bitcoin,” according to the President of Madeira, Albuquerque last year. “Individuals in Madeira that buy and sell bitcoin … don’t pay taxes. They’re not subject to personal income taxes.”


Lastly, the President of Madeira is showing strong efforts to support the cryptocurrency industry, by promoting innovation. This places the region among other top countries and regions like El Salvador, due to their pro-crypto stance. It’s no longer a doubt what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space holds instock for for the madeirans. 

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