Pancakeswap Introduce Revenue Sharing Pool


Pancakeswap Introduce Revenue Sharing Pool

PancakeSwap, the beloved decentralized exchange (DEX) known as “Everyone’s Favourite D3X” (@PancakeSwap), has unveiled a revolutionary liquidity initiative: the Revenue Sharing Pool. This innovative initiative allows CAKE fixed-term stakers to participate directly in the growth and success of PancakeSwap by actually profiting from the platform’s revenues in the form of a v3 trading commission.

Let’s see how this new sustainable model benefits CAKE holders and contributes to community development.

Joining a revenue-sharing pool

What is a revenue-sharing pool? The PancakeSwap Revenue Sharing Pool allows fixed-term CAKE holders to receive 5% of trading commission income on ALL PancakeSwap v3 trading pairs with commission levels of 0.01% and 0.05%. This means that, in addition to the usual CAKE betting APR, users will now earn real income directly from trading commission revenues.

A great opportunity for CAKE punters By participating in revenue sharing, CAKE punters have an additional opportunity to share in the growth and success of PancakeSwap. As DEX continues to attract new users and increase transaction volumes (currently in excess of $12.5 billion), the potential rewards for participants become even more attractive.
A sustainable model for CAKE holders

PancakeSwap’s implementation of a revenue-sharing pool is consistent with its long-term vision of sustainability and community-based growth. This model ensures that the value of CAKE is preserved and the benefits of token ownership are reinforced.

Inflation mitigation By benefiting directly from the growth of the PancakeSwap protocol, CAKE holders contribute to a sustainable model that helps mitigate inflation. This contributes to a healthy ecosystem that benefits all members of the community.
How to join and reap the benefits

Participate in the revenue-sharing program. Existing CAKE members with fixed positions can easily upgrade their positions to participate in the revenue-sharing program.

New CAKE members can easily start betting on chips in a fixed position by following the simple step-by-step instructions.

Receiving rewards and distribution schedule Receiving rewards from the revenue-sharing pool is done through a user-friendly interface on PancakeSwap Browser Extension .

Rewards are distributed weekly (every seven days), approximately on Wednesdays at 23:59 UTC. The first four distributions will each include 25% of the June and July rewards, increasing the rewards over the initial period.

A new era for CAKE Stakers

PancakeSwap is more committed than ever to benefiting its active community and rewarding loyal CAKE holders. By launching the revenue-sharing program and extending it to multiple networks, PancakeSwap aims to increase rewards and ensure the continued growth of its community. This initiative marks an important step in the evolution of CAKE staking, making it even more attractive and rewarding for all participants.

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