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Can BabyDoge Overtake Dogecoin In The Next Bull Market? Here’s How!


Can BabyDoge Overtake Dogecoin In The Next Bull Market? Here’s How!

The era of memecoins seems to have come to an end in recent months, especially after the massive run Dogecoin and Shiba Inu had in their times. This gave birth to multiple other Memecoins coming into play, like Floki, BabyDoge, KISHU and others. This year, with the introduction of $PEPE, it looked like the memecoin era was revived but that enthusiasm was short-lived after Pepe didn’t live up to expectations from investors and admirers. 

Progressively, the introduction of AI also contributed to the downfall of memecoins as many investors shifted their attention to the emerging technology of artificial intelligence being integrated into the cryptocurrency space. However, there’s currently some discuss going around the industry, on the possible overtaking of Dogecoin as the top Memecoin by some other growing Memecoin, one of interest, being BabyDoge 

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  1. BabyDoge Enjoys Larger And More Active Community: 

Throughout social media platforms, BabyDoge is now becoming increasingly popular among traders, especially newbies. Although it has over 1.7M holders on BNB and Ethereum network and over 2 million followers on Twitter, Dogecoin has around 780,245 holders and over 3 million followers on Twitter. 

However, BabyDoge boosts its large and more active community as it gives significant advantage in terms of marketing and promotion as the account keeps its admirers engaged with activities ongoing in the project. Recently, it became the most-mentioned @BNBChain projects on twitter (X). The Dogecoin twitter account and community has been relatively calm whereas that’s not the case with BabyDoge, which brings us to the next point.

  1. BabyDoge Has A More Active Development

The BabyDoge development team is constantly releasing new updates for the project, while the Dogecoin development team is relatively inactive. Notably, in recent months, the BabyDoge development team has launched many updates like the Baby Doge AI Image Generator, Integrating the emerging Ai technology. This shows that the BabyDoge team is more committed to the long-term success of the project and many more updates as shown in their X weekly recap. 

  1. BabyDoge Has A More Active Burning Mechanism

Finally, BabyDoge has a token burning culture built by the community. In their recent weekly recap, the project confirmed that they have successfully burned over 86 Trillion (which is equivalent to $86,613.72) through the burn portal. The total number of tokens burnt stands at Over 213 Trillion, which is equivalent to $214,602,982.29. 

Lastly, it’s safe to conclude that with ongoing developments around the two Memecoins, we could see BabyDoge flip Dogecoin leading to the next bull run. Dogecoin, of course, has some notable advantages because of some top influential supporters, which can move the market up.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks and should be made with caution. This information is not financial advice.

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