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The Next Big Cryptocurrencies: 3 Coins to Watch in October 2023


The Next Big Cryptocurrencies: 3 Coins to Watch in October 2023


The crypto market is quite bullish right now, and coins that are hyped up right now may become zero by next week. Yet, there are still some hidden gems in crypto coins that stay on top despite market fluctuations. The reason is their strong fundamental technology, active development community, limited supply, and high liquidity. Let’s look at the top up and coming cryptocurrencies that will likely explode.

1. Algorand (ALGO): Best Up and Coming Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Alogrand is one of the top contenders for the best up and coming cryptocurrency in 2024. It has seen an upward trend in value since March 2022 and has shown a lot of potential. In the last week, it surged up to an impressive 8.36%. Alogrand is a crypto asset that supports its own decentralized blockchain network. It is also working to become the biggest dApp hub in the world. ALGO protocol has also gone through some significant changes aiming to reshape the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Moreover, Algorand is already partnering up with the most reputable web3 platforms, such as DWF Labs, and payment solution businesses like Ripio.

And all this might just be a start.

2. MultiversX (EGLD): Best Up and Coming Cryptocurrency for Short Term Investment

Another up and coming cryptocurrency expected to explode is MultiversX. It is a new smart contracts blockchain project that has performed exceptionally, gaining over 20% quickly. MultiversX has a strong development base and offers scalable solutions.

More on the MultiversX news front: MultiversX has just partnered up with Inspect, a well-known web3 platform, to provide an in-depth lens to their world. MultiversX has 1M+ users on their app portal, which will only increase with this strategic partnership.

3. Aave (AAVE): Best Up and Coming Cryptocurrency for Long Term Investment

Aave is a lending platform free from centralized control, possessesing a native cryptocurrency with the same name. It has a current market cap of $927.183 million. It is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies performing well right now. Analysts and crypto experts have named Aave as up and coming crypto to watch in the next year. It is expected to finish this year in a strong market form.

Furthermore, Aave is collaborating on a $5,000,000 DeFi Incentive Program with Metis.

This proves that Aave aims to reach the top of the DeFi world. Aave platform’s crypto AAVE provides a very reduced transaction fee on borrowing or lending assets and also serves as a governance token.

4. Shiba Inu (SHIB): Best Up and Coming Cryptocurrency for Seasoned Investors

Shiba Inu is an ERC-20 token on built on Ethereum blockchain. It is well-known for its vast circulating supply and potential for returns in the long term. Moreover, Shiba Inu has a dedicated community where investors can share insights, get advice and much more. Cryptocurrency experts predict that SHIB will be a top up and coming cryptocurrency in the years to come providing unique investment opportunities for its holders. It has recently partnered with Welly to help enhance their dining experience with blockchain technology.


Investors should keep a close eye on social media and crypto news outlets when looking for the next crypto that might explode. Upcoming presales and ICOs at major exchanges are also a way to discover top cryptocurrencies with good potential for return. However, seeking the best one can be a little challenging due to the large volume of new projects. So, investors must thoroughly research and exercise due diligence on their own.

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