TaskChain Initiates Presale: What Lies Ahead for Investors?


TaskChain Initiates Presale: What Lies Ahead for Investors?

TaskChain, a new player in the web3 space, has unveiled its presale, sparking interest among potential investors. The platform offers a unique amalgamation of daily activities, gaming, and blockchain integration. The project also aims to redefine how users earn, learn, and progress within a decentralized ecosystem. Taskchain initiates presale, so the question is whether you should invest in it or not.   

In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into TaskChain’s multifaceted platform, exploring its key features, objectives, and technological foundations. This will offer you an in-depth understanding of this new project.

Understanding TaskChain’s Vision and Objectives

TaskChain envisions a future where routine activities can translate into additional income. It presents users with a game-like roadmap to earn cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other rewards. The project’s mission is to establish a decentralized platform that seamlessly integrates into users’ lives, fostering financial empowerment and inclusivity.

Exploring TaskChain’s Core Features and Ecosystem

TaskChain’s ecosystem comprises features such as Quest2Earn, Work2Earn, and Compete2Earn, offering diverse earning opportunities. The platform’s primary currency is the $TASKC token, built on Ethereum’s robust blockchain, ensuring secure and transparent transactions.

Quest2Earn: A Fusion of Gaming and Earning

Quest2Earn introduces a novel approach, merging gaming elements with earning potential. Users can select quests from various categories and earn experience points (XP) and cryptocurrency rewards, making the process of income generation engaging and interactive.

Work2Earn: A Range of Job Opportunities

TaskChain’s Work2Earn offers different job types, allowing users to optimize their earning potential based on their skills and preferences. Whether completing individual tasks or competing in Voted Jobs, users can showcase their abilities and receive deserved rewards.

$TASKC Token and Ethereum Blockchain Integration

TaskChain leverages Ethereum’s blockchain for its $TASKC tokens, ensuring compatibility, security, and integration with a wide array of decentralized applications (DApps), exchanges, and platforms. This integration facilitates smooth and rapid transactions for users.

NFTs as Reward Multipliers

Within the TaskChain ecosystem, NFTs act as exclusive rewards, validating achievements and unlocking additional benefits within the platform. Users can acquire NFTs through outstanding quest performance or by purchasing them, enhancing their experience on the platform.

TaskChain’s Roadmap: A Strategic Development Phases

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TaskChain’s development is structured into five phases, each focused on enhancing and expanding the platform strategically.

  • Phase 1: Conceptualization and Initial Development

This phase involves conceptualizing the TaskChain project, releasing the whitepaper, launching the website, and initiating the presale of $TASKC tokens. A comprehensive security audit is conducted to ensure the platform’s robustness.

  • Phase 2: Platform Development and Token Listings

This phase concentrates on token listings on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and Uniswap, the development of staking pools, and the initial development of the TaskChain platform, introducing Work2Earn, Quest2Earn, and Compete2Earn functionalities.

  • Phase 3: Platform Growth and Partnerships

During this phase, the TaskChain platform Beta is launched, and partnerships with external companies are established. More Compete2Earn events and centralized exchange (CEX) listings are introduced to incentivize user participation and enhance token accessibility.

  • Phase 4: Mobile App Development and NFT Minting

TaskChain introduces dedicated mobile applications and NFT minting capabilities, alongside establishing partnership and affiliate programs to extend growth and expand the user base.

  • Phase 5: Cross-chain Integration and Further Enhancements

In this final phase, TaskChain aims to implement cross-chain templates, develop an SDK for scheduled calls, integrate with various blockchain technologies, and consolidate various cross-chain tools under one SDK umbrella.

Tokenomics and Staking: 

TaskChain presents a total supply of 4 billion $TASKC tokens, allocated for presale, liquidity provision, marketing, listings, competition pool, and team empowerment. The platform also introduces a staking model, allowing token holders to stake their assets and earn rewards.

How is the Presence on Social Platforms?

The project isn’t backed by a large community. As a matter of fact, the Twitter following of TaskChain is 600 only and Discord also has the same numbers.  Even though their business idea is sound, the project has failed to grab the audience’s attention. 

Should You invest in TaskChain?

In summary, the initial excitement around blockchain gaming has waned, impacting community engagement. TaskChain seems to reflect this trend with a relatively small and less active community. Another crucial factor is the team’s apparent inexperience in the crypto space, which is a pivotal aspect of any crypto project’s success.


As an investor, I will not invest in TaskChain at this time. Investment decisions require a thorough assessment of a project’s team, community, and market conditions. In this case, cautious evaluation suggests it’s wise to approach investment in TaskChain carefully within the dynamic blockchain gaming landscape.

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